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Why was Dr. Garlington given 33 years by Judge Clifford for conspiracy to commit murder although no one was murdered or even seriously hurt, when on the same day a person convicted of murder was sentenced to only 18 years? What was behind his sentencing decision?

Why does Judge Clifford continue to show outrageous bias in sentencing? What was behind his severe sentence for Dr. Garlington?

Click here to compare his egregious leniency in other cases to the extreme sentence imposed on Dr. Garlington.

Sue Clifford continues to be the exclusive realtor of the home that was listed for $8.7 million when Ray Allen looked at it. Judge Clifford was the first to bring Ray Allen's name into the case.

Click here to listen to Judge Clifford discuss Ray Allen and the $8.7 million house on the shore.

Why would there be fraudulent handwriting if there wasn’t deception or corruption involving the judge, the judge’s wife, the homeowners and or Ray Allen?

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Judicial Bribe Attempt:
Ray Allen, Daniel Dolan, Judge Clifford and Attorney Dow

In November 2008, Dr. Ernest Garlington was wrongfully convicted of conspiracy to commit murder - a crime he did not commit! Abuse of money, power and influence brought the case to trial. His constitutional rights were trampled during the trial. Corruption in the Connecticut judicial system could potentially keep him in prison until he is 73 years old.

On May 24, 2010, Darlene, Derek and Dotteanna Garlington spoke before the Connecticut Rules Committee of the Superior Court at a Public Hearing on the proposed new Code of Judicial Conduct.

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Abuse of money, power and influence led to this conviction and an unprecedented 33 year sentence for an alleged crime where no one was hurt!

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